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The road to success is paved, not with compromise, but with experience, values and an unwavering heart.

To know what it means, to be generous and allow others to grow, for without the generosity of others we would not be.

To hold precious, that which we cannot grasp, because time slows for no one.

To put ourselves in the shoes of others, to understand and value their point of view, else we might never reflect.

To hold close to our hearts, the hearts and minds of others, and protect them, for they keep us.

To remain resolute and steady in who and where we want to be, for in the end, how others see us, is as important as how we see ourselves.


Backed by over a decade of experience in the construction sector, we at Trifecta have learned a thing or two.

In an imperfect world, we have to try harder.

Sure we could make grandiose promises like everyone else, even throw in a luxury car or two, but trivialising one of the most important decisions you will ever make is the last thing we want to do.

So what makes Trifecta Projects different?

We believe in trying harder.

We are earnest and we listen. We try and do our best to deliver what you want. If at all you have to compromise somewhere, you are never the last to know. We take our word seriously, and will not promise you what we cannot deliver.

At Trifecta, we are balanced and with balanced people, you know you are in good company.


Trifecta Projects is a brand owned by Ecstasy Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Ecstasy Projects was started by Mr. Subba Reddy and Ms. Sarada Reddy who sought to bring joy and happiness to an otherwise tarnished and jaded industry.

The idea was simple, the task even simpler.

Just be ourselves.

Given that we are straight forward and bound by a strong sense of principles, we decided to practice our values in our business.

Basically, walk the talk.

We chose to do things the right way, even if it was not easy or cost-effective. We chose to do our best and not make promises we cannot keep. We chose to be accountable and we are reachable, anytime night or day, to answer your questions. It was from these ideals that Trifecta was born.