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Trifecta Joli for a new Bangalore.

When was the last time you took a moment, and really savoured it?

A fresh warm cup, a sunbathed balcony, birds singing nearby, a clean breeze and the gentle rustling of leaves in the trees.

Your child, your love, your life, running, playing, laughing, calling to you, a game to be played, a shared experience, a moment you'll never forget.

A long lost novel, a park bench and a garden, headphones playing your favourite tunes, hours lost in an imaginary world with imaginary people.

A walk with a loved one, a frivolous conversation, plans made, paths changed, a moment to be recalled with much fondness for many years to come.

In this on-time, real-time and often overtime world where each second counts, We often forget what's really important, the reason why we do it all in the first place.

Inspired and created as an environment to help you refocus on life, and keep things in balance, Trifecta Joli is a home like no other.

Come to where you really are. Come to Trifecta Joli. Refocus on life.


  • Swimming pool

  • Badminton Court

  • Gymnasium

  • Child safe play area

  • Multipurpose hall

  • Well landscaped gardens

  • Wide setbacks and plenty breathing room

  • Indoor games such as table tennis, foosball, carom and chess